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We are a young, innovative Vertical Farming Startup based in Munich - Germany, which is dedicating its passion to solving one of our most pressing global challenges: providing sustainable and healthy food to the world.   Lettuce, herbs and other leafy greens from the supermarket have limited nutritional qualities because they are a couple of days old once they land on your plate. In the plantCube however you harvest your own greens, in your own home, right before you eat them - re-defining the term from “farm to fork”. Offering the freshest and most intense taste experience.
Our team.

Maximilian Loessl


Philipp Wagner


Alexander von Bethusy
Finance / HR


Jakob Oelkers

agrilution OS


Manuel Ott
seedbundles / PR


Markus Szögi
seedbundles / R&D


Marcel Chylla
Film / Documentation


Simon Hofelich
Brand / Product / UX


Who we are.
The whole team of agrilution is united by the same goal: to find a solution for one of the most pressing challenges of our time: the destruction of our planet by humans. One major factor is conventional agriculture. agrilution was started to implement Vertical Farming technologies, which offer solutions to many of the problems conventional agriculture is causing. The majority of the team is in their mid-twenties and being complemented by members with more entrepreneurial experience. The good mixture of technical and economical expertise lets the team work very efficiently. Furthermore agrilution is being supported by a well-connected international advisory board and many partners.
We envision a future with agrilution products in cities around the globe providing fresh, nutritious and local food to households, restaurants and supermarkets. Starting from the plantCube in every home to vertical farming solutions for restaurants and supermarkets. Our goal is to get food production back to the hands of the consumer and into the city.
It is agrilution’s mission to provide people with sustainably grown fresh, tasty and healthy greens. By eliminating unnecessary transportation and intransparency in food production we re-establish the trust in food so many people are looking for.
agrilution intends to have a positive impact on its customers and society as a whole, on the environment as well as on the economy. Therefore, agrilution aims at operating on a holistic triple-bottom-line: respecting people, planet and profit - creating benefits for all stakeholders not just shareholders. To do so requires that agrilution acts with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another on planet earth and thus responsible for each other and future generations. agrilution intends to be part of the change that it seeks in the world.
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agrilution GmbH
Anton-Böck-Str. 34
81245 München

e-Mail: info@agrilution.com
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