Fresh. Crisp. Delicious.
Your vegetables never tasted so good before.  
Lettuce and vegetables sold in supermarkets have often already lost most of their nutrients, freshness and taste quality. Long transportation and time on supermarket shelves are responsible for this quality loss. With the plantCube you always have the freshest and tastiest greens, because you harvest on demand!
The plantCube™
Grow your own food at home.
Made for your home.
It fits - and looks great.  
The plantCube has dimensions of a common built-in refrigerator (60cm x 60cm x 90cm). You can fit your personal Vertical Farm directly in your kitchenette or even use it standalone anywhere in your home. With its minimalistic and modern design the plantCube is a real eye-catcher.
Your plants are full of vitamins and minerals.  
Nutrient rich.
Everything cultivated in your plantCube has up to 4x more nutrients than the greens, which you can buy in common supermarkets. Simply due to optimised cultivation conditions, special LED lights and the elimination of food miles.
Rocket? Basil? Chard?
Get tasty greens from all over the world.  
With the controllable climate and special LEDs the plantCube can grow a large variety of greens. New and also unkown herbs and Micogreens like Mustard Shoots, Mizuna or Pak Choi can easily be planted. Of course we also provide classics like Rocket, Basil, Parsley or Corn Salad.
The plantCube in comparison with the conventional food industry.

Reduced water consumption.


Pesticide free.


Lower CO2-Emissions.


Traditional agricultural methods waste a lot of water - the entire food industry consumes two thirds of global fresh water. Thanks to its precisely adjusted water cycle the plantCube uses 98% less water and thereby saves large amounts of one of the most precious natural ressources.
In conventional agriculture pesticides are often used to protect the plants. Due to the closed cultivation system your plantCube offers - no pesticides are needed. Your lettuce can safely be eaten - even without washing.
Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which contributes to global warming and climate change. A large part of CO2-Emissions result from food transport. Every day millions of tons of lettuce and vegetables are transported over hundreds, even thousands of kilometers and thereby exhausting greenhouse gases. The need for transporting greens is eliminated by the plantCube. Redefining the term “from farm to fork”.
Perfect for your restaurant.
Offer your in-house grown fresh leafy greens, herbs and microgreens.
Some highlights of the plantCube.

Healthier and more nutritious.

Plant all year round.

Plug'n'grow device.

Independent of climate.

Pesticide free.

Less food waste.

Our Values.
From fresh to local.
Fresh - the plantCube offers you the possibility to harvest fresh lettuce and herbs 24/7 365 days a year.   Healthy - maximum nutrient content. The plantCube grows greens with an optimum of healthy ingredients due to the ideal cultivation conditions.   Sustainable - by using the plantCube you reduce your water and land footprint.   Local - the plantCube is your own Mini-Vertical-Farm, you know exactly where your food is coming from. It doesn't get more local than from your own home.
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