What is Vertical Farming?

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In a world where 870 million people go to bed hungry every night (UN, 2012),

1.4 billion people are overweight (WHO, 2008), arable land, fresh water and fertilizers are scarce it is clear that innovative solutions are needed.

Four global challenges we need to solve:

#1 Pesticide use

Pesticide residues

Contamination of groundwater

#2 Fresh water use

80 % of all freshwater

is used in agriculture

#3 Food transport

significant amounts of food waste

enormous emissions of greenhouse gases

#4 Rapid urbanization

Expected 10 billion people globally by 2050

80% urban population by 2050

Our present agricultural footprint is the size of South America


To feed the coming 3 billion people we would need an additional landmass the size of Brazil




Vertical Farming offers a solution

to the beforementioned challenges.

The advantages of Vertical Farming:


year-round production and harvest

delivers consistent, fresh, local and healthy food

faster growth rates, higher yields and higher product quality

resilient to climate change

uses up to 98% less fresh water in comparison to open field agriculture

uses up to 60% less fertilizer in comparison to open field agriculture

less food miles due to local production

creates new “green” jobs

promotes the restoration of damaged ecosystems

causes no agricultural runoff


Vertical Farming helps to keep our life support systems green & blue

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