Greens Inspiration

For super-foodies, tea lovers or gourmets – find inspiration for a modern diet

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Plant Portfolio

Unparalleled taste and texture, absolute freshness and nutrients – harvest local products all year round

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Osram LED Plant Light, Sensors, Watering and Climate Control – everything under 1m³

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No soil, no planting, no seeding - just insert, lean back and enjoy

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The Plantcube –

Worlds first intelligent indoor farming device

Vertical Farming for your home Here‘s why

Unparalleled Tastes and Textures

Nothing beats the taste, texture and colour of greens which have been freshly harvested after growing in optimal conditions. With the Plantcube you can bring variety to every dish due to our large assortment of Salads, Microgreens and Herbs – most of which, are not available in local stores.

Real Nutritious Freshness

Greens lose a significant portion of their nutrients hours after they are harvested. Due to this, salads and greens which you purchase in local stores only contain a fraction of their potential nutritional value. With greens freshly harvested out of the Plantcube you can make sure that you receive their full potential of valuable vitamins, amino acids, fibre and antioxidants.

Year Round Local Produce

With the Plantcube you can ensure that you have access to pesticide free, local produce, 365 days a year in your own home. Additionally, you are bringing a piece of nature into your home, which will give you a new perspective and connection to the greens you will produce.

Our healthy and supertasty Greens Portfolio

Our whole plant portfolio currently comprises a lot of different varieties. In the background we are researching about 50 more. As soon as we can reliably cultivate the respective variety in the Plantcube, we will expand the portfolio.

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