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The Personal Vertical Farming Ecosystem
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Osram LED Plant Light, Sensors, Watering and Climate Control

- everything under 1m³

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No soil, no planting, no seeding

- just insert, lean back and enjoy

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Unparalleled taste and texture, absolute freshness and nutrients

- harvest local products all year round

to the Greens

For super-foodies, tea lovers or gourmets

- find inspiration for a modern diet

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  • „Vertical Farms remind of science fiction movies. To one day turn them into reality, the industry needs people like Max Lössl and Philipp Wagner.“
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  • "Vegetables of the Future - Salad according to the Nespresso Principle"
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  • "The plants are watered automatically, an app informs when the herbs and baby salads can be harvested."
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  • "The young company produces so-called "Plantcubes". These are glass cabinets that function as mini greenhouses and can easily be set up in the company's own kitchen."
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  • "Über verschiedene Lichtspektren können sie den Wachstumsprozess von Pflanzen verlangsamen oder beschleunigen, den Geschmack und die Größe der Früchte steuern - ohne Gentechnik, ohne Chemie."
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