Planting in 3 easy steps

How our Vertical Farming System works

Choose variety
Insert Seedmat
Sit back
Harvest & Enjoy
The Plantcube works not with soil, but with seed mats, which we produce from upcycled material remnants.
The quality of the plants starts with the seed - that is why we always use only the highest quality seed.
The seeds are already integrated into the seed mat and precisely positioned for optimum growth
We only use non-genetically modified seeds - for you and the environment.
Recharge your energy balance with 30x more nutritious plants so that you can eat healthier than ever before
Choose between many varieties from salads, microgreens and herbs
Enjoy your home-grown greens with the most intense flavor and unparalleled texture
Consume food completely without pesticides and take your nutrition into your own hands.
Plant and harvest as needed and thus avoid food waste

Here is a small selection of what you can plant:

Straight from farm to table:

The advantages of indoor farming

Harvest every day
Harvest is fresh and nutritious
Harvest at home and avoid unnecessary transport routes
Harvest only as much as you need right now
Harvest at the right time, thanks to smart App-Notification
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Automatic watering

Due to the closed circuit, the Plantcube only needs 120l of water per year at full capacity. In conventional cultivation, a single head of lettuce requires this quantity. In addition, you can't forget to water your plants or even over water them - the Plantcube waters the plants all by itself up to 12 times a day.

Optimal lighting

The specially developed Osram LED Plant Light gives the plants exactly the light they need for their growth - and that for around 16 hours a day.

Regulated temperature

No matter if winter or a too hot summer - in the Plantcube it is always spring, which is why a large variety of plants can be harvested all year round. Sensor-based climate control ensures the right temperatures.

Experience our vertical farming system in action:

Here you can find all the showrooms that exhibit the Plantcube.