Greens Inspiration

- redefined

Kale smoothie with an extra portion of vitamin C, crunchy Pak Choi for your stir-fry or the Broccoli Microgreens for your gourmet dinner. The choice is yours!

For all
– Super Foodies

Make your dishes even healthier! With lots of antioxidant- and vitamin-rich greens, you can supplement your diet perfectly.
Our healthiest greens:
Kale, Red Kale, Tatsoi, Broccoli Microgreen, Blood Camphor, Mizuna, Red Leaf Mustard
*watercress, wheatgrass, barley grass

For all
– Power-Smoothie-Drinkers

The convenient and delicious solution for a health start into the day.
Our Smoothie-Greens:
Kale, Green cabbage, Broccoli Microgreen, Pak Choi, Red Basil, Thai Basil, Mediterranean Basil
*wheatgrass, borage, blood sorrel, fennel, spinach, lemon basil

For all
– Chefs de Cuisine

It's about color. It's about texture. It's about unusual taste. Use products from the best kitchens in the world. Ideal as a flavour-kick or topping for any dish.
Our gourmet greens:
Thai basil, red mizuna, red cabbage, broccoli microgreen, radish
*Borage, *Shiso, *Great peas

For all
- masters of ceremonies

Make an infusion like never before and discover the versatility of our greens.
Ideal tea greens:
Red basil, Thai basil
*lemon basil, peppermint, nettle, chamomile, lavender


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The Plantcube

Your personal vertical farming ecosystem

Buy Plantcube

Open the door and access a fresh, tasty and healthy world – grown right in your home

No soil, no repotting, no sowing. The intelligent and automated indoor greenhouse provides you with the freshest salads, herbs and microgreens. From well-known varieties to heirloom seeds and new discoveries. The plants grow on a total of 8 fields on two levels - under optimal conditions and without harmful environmental influences. The concept of vertical farming in your own home provides maximum nutrients and freshness thanks to optimized water, light and climate control. Our Seedmats and the user-friendly app make it easy to control the perfect ecosystem.

Just plug & grow – You dont need any prior knowledge or a green thumb and will never forget to water your plants again

Gardening with the Plantcube is child's play. In 3 steps you can grow your own greens at any time. Here you can find the 3-step guide:

Up to 3x faster plant growth and 30x more nutrients - save time, harvest daily and eat healthier than ever before

In the Plantcube you will find all the same technologies which larger vertical farms use. From optimal lighting, which we developed in partnership with OSRAM, through automated watering which ensures your greens are supplied with water and nutrients up to 12 times per day, to sensor based climate control which – regardless of the weather outside – simulates a perfect spring day in the Plantcube. All of this is optimised in the cloud to ensure you always have the best conditions.

Harvest every day and directly from the field – Your home-grown plants, full of flavour and packed with the nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle

Greens lose 50% of their nutrients in the first 24h after harvesting. That's why salads, microgreens and herbs that you buy in stores often only have a fraction of their nutrients left. With greens that you harvest fresh from the Plantcube, you can secure the valuable vitamins, minerals, fibers, amino acids and antioxidants.

Grow 8 different Seedmats simultaneously – in the most convenient way and for a varied diet

The Plantcube can be controlled comfortably from the couch or from on the way. With the Agrilution App you always have everything under control. Here you can learn everything about our App.

Invite the future to your home – your own plants, perfectly staged

You can use the Plantcube freestanding or integrated into your kitchen. Your indoor garden integrates perfectly into any environment and brings the future into your home. Here you'll find inspiration on how the Plantcube can beautify your living space.

Unparalleled tastes and textures, absolute freshness and nutrients – harvest local products all year round

Nothing beats the taste, texture and colour of greens which have been freshly harvested after growing in optimal conditions. With the Plantcube you can bring variety to every dish due to our large assortment of Salads, Microgreens and Herbs – most of which, are not available in local stores.

The futurestarts now

Buy the Plantcube and get the latest vertical farming technology in your kitchen.
Buy Plantcube

Plantcube Key Features

  • Intelligent Personal Vertical Farm
  • Plug & Grow technology
  • grow 8 different Seedmats simultaneously for daily harvest
  • automatic over-the-air updates
  • sensor-based climate control
  • dynamic Osram LED Plant Light
  • automated hydroponic watering system (soilless)
  • up to 3x faster plant growth through optimized environment

Downloads & Links

Plantcube User Manual EN/DE

Product Data Sheet

Installation Sketch




Product Name


Product category

Small-Scale Vertical Farm


Internet access with Wi-Fi required

ⓘ The Plantcube needs internet but can work independently up to 30 days without an internet connection. For best results it is advised to have a permanent connection since plant recipe optimizations are done in the Agrilution cloud


Agrilution App


Dimensions (H x W x D)

82 - 84 x 60 x 62 cm

Height adjustment

2 cm

Minimum recess dimensions (H x W x D)

82 x 60 x 58 cm

The exact instructions for the different installation situations can be found here


75 kg

Plant chambers

Total area for planting

~ 0,34 m²

ⓘ Corresponds to an area of five DIN A4 sheets.

Height of the plant room

16 cm

Plant levels

2 ergonomically extendable plant drawers

Fields for planting

8 Seedmat trays and 8 multifunction boxes

ⓘ Four fields per level offer maximum flexibility. Up to eight different greens can grow at the same time and can also be inserted at different times. The Seedmat trays and multifunction boxes are dishwasher safe.


Light module

Dynamic 4-Channel Osram LED Plant Light

The LED Plant Light Modules are a custom development by Osram for the Plantcube. They dynamically provide the optimum lighting conditions (intensity and colour) for fast and nutrient-rich plant growth.


Grow Technology

Hydroponic system

Cultivation in a hydroponic system takes place without soil and is therefore much cleaner and easier to handle.

Water reservoir

Removeable water reservoir with 15 Liter volume (refill every 3-8 weeks depending on usage)

Water supply

Via internal water tank, no fixed water connection necessary

Water level indicator

Analog water level indicator on the appliance + digital refill notification via the app

Water consumption

120 liters per year

ⓘ This value applies to permanent usage throughout the year. For comparison - the average per capita water consumption in Germany is approx. 130 litres per day. The average head of lettuce in conventional agriculture consumes 120 litres!

Climate control

Temperature control


ⓘ Temperature is critical to plant growth, the Plantcube automatically provides the optimum temperature.

Humidity control


ⓘ With different temperatures and growth stages of the plants also the relative humidity changes. Humidity is constantly monitored and automatically regulated.

Air distribution


ⓘ The internal fans each provide a homogeneous environment (temperature, humidity, oxygen/carbon dioxide concentration) in both levels.


Measurement of nutrient content


ⓘ Like humans, plants also need certain nutrients, such as calcium or magnesium. The plants in the Plantcube draw these nutrients from the water, whereby the content of nutrients in the water decreases over time. The Plantcube continuously detects the exact concentration on its own.

Nutrient dosage


ⓘ If the nutrient content falls below a certain value, the app reports the information to add a certain amount of Agrilution nutrient solution to the water to allow the plants to thrive.

Technical specifications


AC 220 - 240 V

ⓘ The voltage required for the power supply corresponds to any conventional socket in Germany. Plug and Grow!

Thermal insulation glass front

Insulating glass



ⓘ The door can be hinged both left and right. The door hinges can easily be remounted by the customer.

Door opening angle


Wi-Fi connection

Supports 802.11 b / g / n (2.4 GHz) networks with WPA / WPA2 encryption

ⓘ WPA Enterprise is not supported



Agrilution Seedmat

ⓘ The material of the Agrilution Seedmat consists of up-cycled textiles suitable for food contact. The seeds are already integrated and spaced in an optimum distance from each other.

Fragen über den Plantcube

Der Plantcube ist ein geschlossenes System, welches sich vollumfänglich um das Wachstum von Salaten, Kräutern und Microgreens kümmert. Durch ideale Beleuchtung, optimale Temperatur und automatische Bewässerung, wachsen die Pflanzen 2-3 mal so schnell, haben mehr Nährstoffe und sind intensiver im Geschmack.
Der Plantcube ist mit dem Internet verbunden und erfährt über die App welche Pflanzen vom Anwender wo eingelegt sind. Die verschiedenen Pflanzenarten haben bestimmte Parameter in unserer Cloud hinterlegt, die für optimales Wachstum sorgen. Auf diese greift der Plantcube zu und weiß dadurch, wann wie viel bewässert werden muss, welche Lichtverhältnisse die Pflanzen benötigen und wann welche Temperatur herrschen soll.
Die LED Module wurden gemeinsam mit OSRAM speziell für den Plantcube entwickelt. Sie beinhalten vier verschiedene LED Farben - dunkelblau, weiß, hellrot und dunkelrot. Es handelt sich dabei genau um die Wellenlängen aus dem Sonnenspektrum, die für gesundes Pflanzenwachstum maßgeblich sind.
Nein - es befindet sich ein Wassertank im unteren Teil des Plantcube. Dadurch kann eine ganze Menge Wasser gespart werden.
15 L, im Durchschnitt reicht das für etwa 8 bis 12 Wochen.
Der Wasserverbrauch ist mit 120 L im Jahr verglichen mit allen anderen Anbaumethoden am geringsten. Gegenüber der traditionellen Landwirtschaft sogar um ein Vielfaches. Zum Vergleich - der durchschnittliche Wasserverbrauch in Deutschland pro Person und Tag liegt ca. 127 L.
ca. 70 kg, ohne Pflanzen und Wasser.
Der Plantcube kann überall in geschlossenen Räumen bei 16 bis 32 °C betrieben werden, wo es eine Internetverbindung und eine Steckdose gibt.
Mit den Standardmaßen 60 x 60 x 90 cm kann der Plantcube auf verschiedenste Weise in die Küche integriert werden, und natürlich auch freistehend betrieben werden.siehe hierzu Einbauskizzen am Ende des Produktdatenblatts.
Der Türanschlag kann einfach rechts und links montiert werden.
Ja, das ist kein Problem, da der Plantcube auch eine Weile ohne jegliche Interaktion auskommt. Bei längerer Abwesenheit (> ca. 3 Wochen) empfiehlt es sich jedoch den Plantcube auszuschalten.
Nein. Der Plantcube dient als Hydrokultur, sprich keine Erde nötig.

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Plant fresh, healthy and tasty greens, all year round
No soil, no potting, no sowing - the Plantcube works with Seedmats that we send directly to your home. The seeds are already integrated into the Seedmats and spaced optimally. This makes it easy to grow up to eight different Seedmats at the same time.

We have gathered all our know-how about seeds, substrate and user-friendliness and developed a Seedmat from it. All you need to do is insert it into the Plantcube and enjoy the harvest. Your Plantcube takes care of the rest.

How it works

The "Insert and go" garden

Gardening with the Plantcube is child's play. In 3 steps you can grow your own greens at any time. Here you can find the 3-step guide:

01 Insert

The Plantcube works with Seedmats that we send directly to your home. We already offer a wide variety of salads, microgreens and herbs and are constanly expanding our portfolio.

02 Lean back

Our App accompanies you and your greens from germination all the way to harvest. You'll get all the important information you need about your greens and how to use your Plantcube.

03 Enjoy

Whether you're a Super-Foodie in search of the most nutritious ingredients for salads, bowls and smoothies or a Gourmet, who is interested in unusual tastes, textures, and colours for dishes from the best kitchens in the world - our greens combine the richness of nutrients and variety that a healthy diet needs.

Small but powerful - our seeds

From a tiny seed grain, a large plant, packed with nutrients, develops. The successful harvest begins with the selection of the seed. We test 100s of modern and heirloom varieties per year and guarantee not to use GMO seeds. There are no pests in the Plantcube, so pesticide resistance can be avoided. Simply natural seeds. Nothing less.

Perfect positioning
In order for the plants to thrive, it is important that the seeds are at an ideal distance from one another. This varies from plant to plant. But don't worry, in the Agrilution Seedmat, the seeds are already positioned in the best possible way.

No soil, no dirt

As substrate we use a mat made of up-cycled fabric. The plants grow perfectly, and without soil the whole system is easier to maintain and much cleaner. The necessary nutrients for the plants are supplied by the water.

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Plant Portfolio

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Here you can find all the plants you can grow with the Plantcube

Price: €4,90
Harvest in 21 days
Wild Rocket
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 18 days
Essential Microgreens
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 11 days
Red basil
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 27 days
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 24 days
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 17 days
Thai basil
Price: €4,90
Harvest in: 25 Days
Romaine lettuce
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 20 days
Daily Greens Smoothie
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 13 days
Pak Choi
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 17 days
Red radish cress
Price: €3,90
Harvest in 11 days
Red Mustard
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 16 days
Wasabina mustard
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 13 days
Radish cress
Price: €3,90
Harvest in 8 days
Price: 4,90 €
Harvest in 14 Days
Leaf lettuce
Price: 4,90 €
Harvest in: 22 days
Red Pak Choi
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 17 days
Spicy mustard
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 16 days
Broccoli cress
Price: €3,90
Harvest in 9 days
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 18 days
Price: €4,90
Harvest in 15 days