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Flavor on the plate, grown in your restaurant– Vertical farming for you, fresh greens for your guests

The Plantcube

Vertical farming technology in under 1m³

In the Plantcube you will find all the same technologies which larger vertical farms use. From optimal lighting, which we developed in partnership with OSRAM, through automated watering which ensures your greens are supplied with water and nutrients up to 12 times per day, to sensor based climate control which – regardless of the weather outside – simulates a perfect spring day in the Plantcube. All of this is optimised in the cloud to ensure you always have the best conditions.
Not only have we created the perfect growth conditions inside your Plantcube – the ecosystem surrounding the Plantcube, which handles planting, growth and the harvest of your greens ensures the best possible experience for you.

A piece of the future for your kitchen and dining room

"Probably one of the most beautiful innovations of recent times. Design meets functionality. Taste and variety are outstanding."

Bobby Bräuer
EssZimmer by Käfer in der BMW-Welt München, 2 Stars (Michelin)

"The quality in taste and appearance of the herbs, salads or microgreens that are allowed to grow in the Plantcube is simply incomparable."

Benjamin Maerz
Restaurant „Maerz“ in Bietigheim-Bissingen, 1 Star (Michelin)
Unparalleled Tastes and Textures
Nothing beats the taste, texture and colour of greens which have been freshly harvested after growing in optimal conditions. With the Plantcube you can bring variety to every dish due to our large assortment of Salads, Microgreens and Herbs – most of which, are not available in local stores.
Real Nutritious Freshness
Greens lose a significant portion of their nutrients hours after they are harvested. Due to this, salads and greens which you purchase in local stores only contain a fraction of their potential nutritional value. With greens freshly harvested out of the Plantcube you can make sure that you receive their full potential of valuable vitamins, amino acids, fibre and antioxidants.
Year Round Local Produce
With the Plantcube you can ensure that you have access to pesticide free, local produce, 365 days a year in your own home. Additionally, you are bringing a piece of nature into your home, which will give you a new perspective and connection to the greens you will produce.
Seedmat Technology

No soil, no planting, no seeding - just insert, lean back and enjoy

In order not only to provide the plants with perfect conditions, we have developed a system around the Plantcube that makes planting, growing and harvesting as comfortable as possible for you.
No soil, no potting, no sowing - the Plantcube works with Seedmats in which the respective seed is integrated and optimally positioned. Simply insert it, activate it in the app and your smart kitchen farm will handle the rest until its time to harvest.

Our healthy and supertasty Greens Portfolio

Ok, these are not all of the beautiful plants, only a random choice... Our whole plant portfolio currently comprises 18 different varieties. In our lab we are researching 100s more. As soon as we have optimized the environmental parameters for a new variety, we make it available to you.

Technical specifications


AC 220 - 240 V

ⓘ The voltage required for the power supply corresponds to any conventional socket in Germany. Plug and Grow!

Thermal insulation glass front

Insulating glass



ⓘ The door can be hinged both left and right. The door hinges can easily be remounted by the customer.

Door opening angle


Wi-Fi connection

Supports 802.11 b / g / n (2.4 GHz) networks with WPA / WPA2 encryption

ⓘ WPA Enterprise is not supported

Pioneers belong together -

We are Agrilution – your partner for Vertical Farming.

Do you have questions about the exact functions of the Plantcube or would you like to experience it live and try the Greens? Feel free to contact us at any time.
+49 (0) 89 21547670

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