How it works

The "Insert and go" garden

Gardening with the Plantcube is child's play. In 3 steps you can grow your own greens at any time. Here you can find the 3-step guide:

01 Insert

No soil, no potting, no sowing - the Plantcube works with Seedmats that we send directly to your home. The respective seed is integrated into the seed mats and optimally positioned. This makes it easy for you to grow up to eight Seedmats at the same time.We already offer you a wide variety of different Seedmats ranging from salads to microgreens and herbs.

02 Lean back

The app accompanies you and your greens during the one to four week growth phases. From the identification of the Seedmats to germination and harvesting, you'll get all the important information you need about your greens and how to use the Plantcube.

03 Enjoy

Whether you're a Super-Foodie in search of the most nutritious ingredients for salads, bowls, smoothies, and teas or a Gourmet, who is interested in unusual tastes, textures, and colours for dishes from the best kitchens in the world - salads, microgreens, and herbs combine the richness of nutrients and variety that modern diet needs.