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Design in the interior, taste on the plate– the world's first and only intelligent indoor garden

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The Plantcube

An innovative design garden for the kitchen of tomorrow

Not bigger than a small refrigerator - but with everything plants need: The Plantcube offers a closed ecosystem with Seedmats, controlled light and climate, as well as automated irrigation. The system is controlled via the Agrilution Cloud, the user-friendly App provides insight into the growth process and information on maintenance and harvesting. With the Plantcube as an innovative element for tomorrow's cuisine, we are setting new standards for nutrition and culinary delights.
The Plantcube can be used flexibly as an under-the-counter appliance, as a built-in wall cabinet or standalone - it enhances any kitchen and living environment. With clear lines and its characteristic light, it stages nature, which unfolds its full beauty behind the glass door. A unique design object that meets the highest standards of form and function.

A piece of future for your kitchen and dining room

"The Plantcube is a statement - a window into the future. The clear lines, the signature light, in contrast to the naturally grown green, make the device an interior design object."

Robert Stephan
Interieur Designer in München
Product description
The Plantcube can be used via WiFi with minimal effort. Without soil, potting or sowing: greens grow perfectly on up to eight different Seedmats - two to three times faster than outdoors. An intelligent system that offers a lot of technology in a small space and brings food production close to people again.
Pioneers belong together -

We are Agrilution – your partner for Vertical Farming.

Do you have questions about the exact functions of the Plantcube or would you like to experience it live and try the Greens? Feel free to contact us at any time.

Sales North Germany
Maximilian Roessner

+49 151 191 01 71 2

Sales South Germany
Steven Parker

+49 151 40 42 1093




Product Name


Product category

Small-Scale Vertical Farm


Internet access with Wi-Fi required

ⓘ The Plantcube needs internet but can work independently up to 30 days without an internet connection. For best results it is advised to have a permanent connection since plant recipe optimizations are done in the Agrilution cloud


Agrilution App


Dimensions (H x W x D)

82 - 84 x 60 x 62 cm

Height adjustment

2 cm

Minimum recess dimensions (H x W x D)

82 x 60 x 58 cm

The exact instructions for the different installation situations can be found here


75 kg



Agrilution Seedmat

ⓘ The material of the Agrilution Seedmat consists of up-cycled textiles suitable for food contact. The seeds are already integrated and spaced in an optimum distance from each other.

Technical specifications


AC 220 - 240 V

ⓘ The voltage required for the power supply corresponds to any conventional socket in Germany. Plug and Grow!

Thermal insulation glass front

Insulating glass



ⓘ The door can be hinged both left and right. The door hinges can easily be remounted by the customer.

Door opening angle


Wi-Fi connection

Supports 802.11 b / g / n (2.4 GHz) networks with WPA / WPA2 encryption

ⓘ WPA Enterprise is not supported


Measurement of nutrient content


ⓘ Like humans, plants also need certain nutrients, such as calcium or magnesium. The plants in the Plantcube draw these nutrients from the water, whereby the content of nutrients in the water decreases over time. The Plantcube continuously detects the exact concentration on its own.

Nutrient dosage


ⓘ If the nutrient content falls below a certain value, the app reports the information to add a certain amount of Agrilution nutrient solution to the water to allow the plants to thrive.

Climate control

Temperature control


ⓘ Temperature is critical to plant growth, the Plantcube automatically provides the optimum temperature.

Humidity control


ⓘ With different temperatures and growth stages of the plants also the relative humidity changes. Humidity is constantly monitored and automatically regulated.

Air distribution


ⓘ The internal fans each provide a homogeneous environment (temperature, humidity, oxygen/carbon dioxide concentration) in both levels.


Grow Technology

Hydroponic system

Cultivation in a hydroponic system takes place without soil and is therefore much cleaner and easier to handle.

Water reservoir

Removeable water reservoir with 15 Liter volume (refill every 3-8 weeks depending on usage)

Water supply

Via internal water tank, no fixed water connection necessary

Water level indicator

Analog water level indicator on the appliance + digital refill notification via the app

Water consumption

120 liters per year

ⓘ This value applies to permanent usage throughout the year. For comparison - the average per capita water consumption in Germany is approx. 130 litres per day. The average head of lettuce in conventional agriculture consumes 120 litres!


Light module

Dynamic 4-Channel Osram LED Plant Light

The LED Plant Light Modules are a custom development by Osram for the Plantcube. They dynamically provide the optimum lighting conditions (intensity and colour) for fast and nutrient-rich plant growth.

Plant chambers

Total area for planting

~ 0,34 m²

ⓘ Corresponds to an area of five DIN A4 sheets.

Height of the plant room

16 cm

Plant levels

2 ergonomically extendable plant drawers

Fields for planting

8 Seedmat trays and 8 multifunction boxes

ⓘ Four fields per level offer maximum flexibility. Up to eight different greens can grow at the same time and can also be inserted at different times. The Seedmat trays and multifunction boxes are dishwasher safe.

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