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Plant fresh, healthy and tasty greens, all year round
No soil, no potting, no sowing - the Plantcube works with Seedmats that we send directly to your home. The seeds are already integrated into the Seedmats and spaced optimally. This makes it easy to grow up to eight different Seedmats at the same time.

We have gathered all our know-how about seeds, substrate and user-friendliness and developed a Seedmat from it. All you need to do is insert it into the Plantcube and enjoy the harvest. Your Plantcube takes care of the rest.

How it works

The "Insert and go" garden

Gardening with the Plantcube is child's play. In 3 steps you can grow your own greens at any time. Here you can find the 3-step guide:

01 Insert

The Plantcube works with Seedmats that we send directly to your home. We already offer a wide variety of salads, microgreens and herbs and are constanly expanding our portfolio.

02 Lean back

Our App accompanies you and your greens from germination all the way to harvest. You'll get all the important information you need about your greens and how to use your Plantcube.

03 Enjoy

Whether you're a Super-Foodie in search of the most nutritious ingredients for salads, bowls and smoothies or a Gourmet, who is interested in unusual tastes, textures, and colours for dishes from the best kitchens in the world - our greens combine the richness of nutrients and variety that a healthy diet needs.

Small but powerful - our seeds

From a tiny seed grain, a large plant, packed with nutrients, develops. The successful harvest begins with the selection of the seed. We test 100s of modern and heirloom varieties per year and guarantee not to use GMO seeds. There are no pests in the Plantcube, so pesticide resistance can be avoided. Simply natural seeds. Nothing less.Perfect positioningIn order for the plants to thrive, it is important that the seeds are at an ideal distance from one another. This varies from plant to plant. But don't worry, in the Agrilution Seedmat, the seeds are already positioned in the best possible way.

No soil, no dirt

As substrate we use a mat made of up-cycled fabric. The plants grow perfectly, and without soil the whole system is easier to maintain and much cleaner. The necessary nutrients for the plants are supplied by the water.

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