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No soil, planting, or seeding – just insert, lean back and enjoy

Explore our patented Seedmat-Technology

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No soil, planting, or seeding – just insert, lean back and enjoy

Explore our patented Seedmat-Technology

Show the Plantportfolio

We have gathered all our know-how about seeds, substrate and user-friendliness and developed a Seedmat from it. All you need to do is insert it into the Plantcube and enjoy the harvest. Your Plantcube takes care of the rest.

The Plantcube works not with soil, but with seed mats, which we produce from upcycled material remnants.
The quality of the plants starts with the seed - that is why we always use only the highest quality seed.
The seeds are already integrated into the seed mat and precisely positioned for optimum growth
We only use non-genetically modified seeds - for you and the environment.
Recharge your energy balance with 30x more nutritious plants so that you can eat healthier than ever before
Choose between many varieties from salads, microgreens and herbs
Enjoy your home-grown greens with the most intense flavor and unparalleled texture
Consume food completely without pesticides and take your nutrition into your own hands.
Plant and harvest as needed and thus avoid food waste

In the Plantcube you can grow 4 different categories of plants: Microgreens, Baby Salads, Herbs and Mixed Seedmats.


Microgreens are absolute nutrient bombs. The herb and vegetable seedlings grow quickly, take up little space and are full of energy. They contain more vitamins and proteins than their adult plants and are therefore particularly healthy and rich in nutrients. So Microgreens are small, but packed full of healthy ingredients. They are particularly suitable as a salad addition, on sandwiches or in smoothies.

Baby Salads

Salads not only taste good, they are also varied and healthy. Leaf salads are the plants with the most green leaves in our portfolio and are therefore ideal as the basis for a large mixed salad. Topped with fresh microgreens and aromatic herbs you have the perfect combination of taste and nutrients.


Herbs are varied and incredibly tasty. They refine dishes, create exciting flavours and aromas or round them off. And in addition to their taste intensity they can also help with health complaints due to their healing effect.

Mixed Seedmats

Our mixed seedmats offer the perfect companion for every occasion. Whether the morning green smoothie or the mixed greens that strengthen your immune system – there is something for every person and every situation.

Planting in 3 easy steps

How our Vertical Farming System works

Choose variety
Insert Seedmat
Sit back
Harvest & Enjoy

Here is a small selection of what you can plant: