Hi!We are Max & Philipp. The Founders of Agrilution

Inspired by Vertical Farming and with the vision to harvest the freshest and most nutritious greens as close as possible to the points of consumption - we founded Agrilution in 2013.

Max Loessl grew up in China. Everything in his world was beautiful, healthy and good. On the weekends however, his mother often took him to the countryside into her world working in development aid. Maximum contrast. Sad misery resulting from malnutrition, malnourished children without access to the basic necessities of life who could hardly grow up more differently than he himself.

Max took his strong feeling of injustice with him into adulthood. After school, back in Germany, he tried to find a way to counter this injustice. To help shape a better tomorrow for everyone he moved to New Zealand to support Greenpeace. On a daily basis, for half a year, he talked to people about the huge challenges our environment and we as humanity are facing due to the climate crisis. And his urge to take action and improve the world only continued to grow.

Still in New Zealand Max read a book about Vertical Farming by Dr. Dickson Despommier and his path would forever be changed. Max emailed Dr. Despommier. The author, excited about the interest of the next generation, recommended him to study in Den Bosch in the Netherlands - the only place in the world where one could study the subject. In the Netherlands he learned the basics for his concept today. He doesn't stay at University for long, because his urge to act is too strong. Ideas develop in his head. To grow big, he has to start small.

Why isn't Vertical Farming accessible in everyones home? Where the vegetables, salads and herbs come straight to the table. Grown without pesticides and as close and fresh to the place of consumption as possible. Packed with nutrients. He picks up the phone, calls his friend and basketball teammate Philipp. They meet in Max's parents' kitchen and the journey begins.

Why Philipp? He is a trained mechatronics engineer, studied mathematics and industrial engineering and loves not only to visualize things, but to also turn them into reality. After a very short time not only the sketch of a first Plantcube is on paper, but the two sit together in their parents' garage and the first prototype is created.

Since December 2019 Agrilution is part of the Miele family. If you walk through the office in Munich, you will find nearly 30 employees from all over the world, who are united by a bold vision that can be found in the glow in their eyes. From time to time you will also find an elated Michelin-Star Chef jumping from Herb to Microgreen to discover one-of-a-kind culinary delights.

The journey in Maxs mind is already developing. What if in a few years, based on your personal needs, you can harvest what your body really needs to be and stay healthy as long as possible? What if in a few years Max Loessl looks his Chinese friends from back then in the eye and can say: I can offer you a building block for healthy nutrition for your next generations.